Welcome to the Burren Sub Aqua Club. Burren Sub Aqua Club is based in County Clare, Ireland. The club itself was founded in 1992 and now has some 30 members. The club is affiliated with CFT (Comhairle Fó Thuinn – Irish Underwater Council), which is in turn affiliated to CMAS (Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques) the world governing body.


We dive mostly out of Doolin, Quilty, White Strand and Ballyreen. The diving on the West coast (Clare, Galway and Mayo) holds its own on the world’s diving stage. The coast and off-shore islands offer amazing diving with steep drop offs and a multitude of colourful walls. The clear and temperate water (9 to 15 °C) of the Atlantic is ideal for a profusion of marine life. Lobsters, crayfish, prawns and conger eels will passively observe from under their rocks, while curious cuckoo wrasse, pipefish and pollack swim about.


Our committee members for the 2016 season:


 Caroline Hartigan   Vanessa Boehm    Mary O'Donnell    James McMahon
 Chairperson    Secretary    Treasurer    Training Officer


Tadhg O'Brien   Kirill Rybalchenko   Kirill Rybalchenko  


PRO   Diving Officer   Equipment Officer